Buying a Vehicle Your way

We know your time is precious. That's why we created McGeorge Express Services for Car Buying! Purchase your new McGeorge Toyota on your terms, whether it's online, in the dealership, or a combination of both. All steps in the car-buying process are now available to complete on our website. And remember, the more you do online in the comfort of your home, the less time you spend at the dealership. We can even deliver your new vehicle to you after you purchase it!


Select your dream vehicle

Select make, model, trim, color and options

Time left in dealership: 3 hours


Get your price and personalize your payments

  • View and choose from the best possible options - finance, lease, or cash
  • Determine the down payment you are comfortable with (if any at all )
  • Choose the length of your finance or lease terms
  • Choose your vehicle service agreements and other protection products
Time left in dealership: 2 hours


Get your trade-in offer

Share with us a few pieces of information about your vehicle such as year, make, model, and mileage. Your offer will be confirmed upon our team’s visual inspection of the vehicle.

Want an exact amount for your vehicle? Take a few photos.

We’ll send you a guide for taking 8 to 10 photos that we’ll need for a visual inspection of your vehicle.

*Offer is redeemable with or without the purchase of a new vehicle

Time left in dealership: 110 minutes


Complete your Credit application & documentation

Complete the full credit application if you’re financing or leasing. If you’re buying with cash, you’ll need to fill out a short form application, due to federal requirements. You’ll also need to upload a copy of your driver’s license and a valid insurance card.

Time left in dealership: 90 minutes


Review the great deal you’re getting

Once you receive your final deal sheet, you’ll need to review and approve it.

Time left in dealership: 70 minutes


Make room in your driveway!

Choose home delivery -- or pick up from our Express Showroom, where your vehicle will be waiting for you in a special spot right outside the Express Showroom doors! At this point, you’ll also choose any final accessories, sign final paperwork, and meet with a Product Specialist, who’ll demonstrate and set up your car’s technology.

Time left in dealership: 60 minutes

We are Open!

McGeorge Toyota is 100% open to help you buy or service your car. We’re also following special protocols to make the experience here safe and comfortable.

Read more about our COVID-19 response.